Enter the exciting world of international airline pilots, Navy SEALs, Navy fighter pilots, British Special Forces, professional assassins, corrupt government officials, and a billionaire arms dealer with a grudge. Deadstick Dawn, winner of the Royal Palm Literary Award for Best Unpublished Thriller in 2011, is Book One of the Samantha Starr Series. Deadstick Dawn will be published and released for sale by Suspense Publishing August 13, 2013. Each book in the series will stand alone but also include many of the same characters.

Meet Samantha Starr, a Boeing 767 captain with elite Luxury International Airlines. She is twenty-six, a tae kwon do black belt, equestrian, flight instructor, paraglider instructor, scuba diver, surfer, motorcycle enthusiast, and a long-legged blond beauty with aquamarine eyes.

Samantha’s older twin brothers, Matt and Mike, bear a strong resemblance to each other with their blond hair, square jaws, aquamarine eyes, and tall muscular bodies. They are serving in the US Navy. Matt is a fighter pilot, and Mike is a SEAL. Their mother, Loren, a blond beauty like her daughter, is a famous romance novelist and the majority share holder in the Starr Corporation, a multi-national aerospace company founded by her late husband.

Lord Edgar Sweetwater is a self-made English billionaire arms dealer with a grudge against certain members of the nobility in Great Britain. His partner in crime is a highly placed government official with a deep desire for revenge against the pardoned Irish Republican Army members. A team of four former Spetsnaz assassins and some criminal cops aid them in executing Operation Blue Blood. If they succeed, nine noble families will cease to exist and the Belfast agreement will be shattered, leading to a bloody war in Northern Ireland.

While vacationing in the Scottish Highlands, Samantha is drawn into Sweetwater’s web of international intrigue, kidnappings, and murders. She is framed for the crimes and hides from police, a British Special Forces team, and assassins hired to kill her. Samantha’s only allies are the twelve-year-old boy she rescued and the children they meet while evading capture. In a seemingly hopeless situation where every choice can get her killed, climb aboard her thrill ride and discover if she will clear her name, save nine boys of noble birth, prevent a war in Northern Ireland, and bring the criminals to justice in Deadstick Dawn.

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