Samantha Starr Thriller Series

Enter the exciting world of international airline pilots and exotic locales, a famous medieval romance novelist, Navy SEALs, Navy fighter pilots, British Special Forces, professional assassins, a billionaire arms dealer with a grudge, a secret society with evil intentions, a hidden enclave in the Himalayas with survivors from an ancient civilization, a mysterious underwater city near Cuba, an underground city in South America with a terrifying secret, the truth about the Great Pyramid, and so much more in the Samantha Starr Series of action thrillers.

Samantha Starr, 26 and a Boeing 767 captain with elite Luxury International Airlines, is a Harvard graduate and tae kwon do black belt, equestrian, flight instructor, paraglider instructor, scuba diver, surfer, motorcycle enthusiast, and a long-legged blond beauty with aquamarine eyes. Her friends call her Sam. She’s claustrophobic in dark, closed-in spaces like small caves, and she fears spiders and snakes. Samantha’s older twin brothers, Matt and Mike, bear a strong resemblance to each other with their blond hair, square jaws, aquamarine eyes, and tall muscular bodies. Matt is a US Navy fighter pilot, and Mike is a SEAL. Their mother, Loren, a blond beauty like her daughter, is a famous romance novelist and the majority shareholder in the Starr Corporation, a multi-national aerospace company founded by her late husband. Tall, dark, and Scottish SAS Captain Ross Sinclair has steamy encounters with Sam, and Laird Duncan MacLeod, a handsome Scottish lord and former commander of the UK’s Special Air Service, has a romantic interest in Sam’s mother, Loren. These and many other interesting characters appear throughout the series.

Jettine Jorgensen Mystery/Suspense Series

Meet the wealthy and sometimes naughty residents of Banyan Isle, an elite residential island in South Florida. Main character Jettine (Jett) Jorgensen inherited golden skin and long black hair from her late Cherokee shaman mother and electric-blue eyes and an eidetic memory from her late Danish father. Jett is wrapping up a 6-year stint in Navy Intel and returns home to a dead mayor and his panicked paramour under one of her guest beds. Jett’s best friend, Gwen Stuart, is a detective with the Palm Beach Police, and Jett’s live-in dog nanny, Sophia DeLuca, is a spunky senior citizen and daughter of a late New York Mafia kingpin. As the body count continues to rise, the three women work together to connect the crimes and unmask the killer.

Dead Silent is the first in a new series of suspenseful mysteries with baffling crimes that lead three female sleuths to surprising discoveries and shocking resolutions. Readers who enjoy clean and wholesome entertainment with romance, humor, and a dash of paranormal will not want to miss this exciting series. Dropped Dead is the second book in the series and will be released in 2022.

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Submerged secrets and a deadly affair greet Jett Jorgensen at her Navy homecoming in Dead Silent, a murder mystery from S.L. Menear.
August 31, 2021

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