Enter the exciting world of international airline pilots, Navy SEALs, Navy fighter pilots, British Special Forces, professional assassins, corrupt government officials, a billionaire arms dealer with a grudge, a secret society with evil intentions, a hidden enclave in the Himalayas with survivors from an ancient civilization, a mysterious underwater city near Cuba, an underground city in South America with a terrifying secret, and so much more in the Samantha Starr Series of fantasy action thrillers.

Meet Samantha Starr, a young Boeing 767 captain with elite Luxury International Airlines. She graduated from Harvard at age 18 and is now twenty-six, a tae kwon do black belt, equestrian, flight instructor, paraglider instructor, scuba diver, surfer, motorcycle enthusiast, and a long-legged blond beauty with aquamarine eyes. Her friends call her Sam. She’s claustrophobic in dark, closed-in spaces like small caves, and she fears spiders and snakes.

Samantha’s older twin brothers, Matt and Mike, bear a strong resemblance to each other with their blond hair, square jaws, aquamarine eyes, and tall muscular bodies. Matt is a US Navy fighter pilot, and Mike is a SEAL. Their mother, Loren, a blond beauty like her daughter, is a famous romance novelist and the majority shareholder in the Starr Corporation, a multi-national aerospace company founded by her late husband.

Sam, Loren, Mike, and Matt Starr are recurring characters in the series. Other recurring characters: Luxury International Airlines Chief Pilot, Captain Jeff Rowlin, copilot Lance Bowie, and flight attendants Cindy Weeks, Barbi Leonard, and Tiesha Starkes; Carlene Jensen, famous actress and insatiable maneater; Laird Duncan MacLeod, a Scottish lord and former commander of the UK’s Special Air Service; SAS Captain Ross Sinclair, who is tall, dark, and Scottish; Lord Edgar Sweetwater, evil English billionaire arms dealer; Charlie Moncreiffe and Emily Brown, who are Harry Potter fans and brave Scottish children who help Sam; Nicolai Vasiliev, an evil giant Spetsnaz Russian assassin; US Navy Commander Max Rowlin, captain of the USS Leviathan and son of airline pilot Jeff Rowlin; and Leviathan’s marine biologist, Kip Peterson. Join them on many exciting international adventures in this thrilling series.

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June 30, 2020

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