• Series: Samantha Starr Series, Book Two
  • Release Date: August 16, 2015
  • Genre: Fantasy Action Thrillers
  • Available Formats: eBook, Print

Hired to pilot a charter flight of celebrities on a ’round-the-world adventure, Samantha and her flight crew are invited to join the passengers in their explorations.

Touring a Hong Kong curio shop, Samantha is given an artifact by the owner, along with a cryptic message that’s punctuated by a hail of bullets from those seeking the powerful weapon of mass destruction to which the artifact guides.

Dodging a maelstrom of warring cults, arms dealers, and world powers, all intent on owning the weapon, Sam must find a way to do the extraordinary: save her crew and her passengers while destroying the path to this ancient evil in a Flight to Destiny.

Publisher’s Note: A retired airline pilot with U.S. Airways, S.L. Menear brings unparalleled realism and authenticity to this action-packed thriller. Written without vulgarity and explicit sexual content, this thrill-a-minute adventure can be enjoyed by readers of all ages and persuasions.

This story was previously published as Poseidon’s Sword and has been subsequently edited by the author.

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